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Kalmia BR

SW2208-BR Size36

$500.00 with tax




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These loafers have a modern look with dynamic voluminous tassels balanced with a unique heel.
The tassel, with its distinctive conical form, was created by innovating from the usual tassel pattern and putting together a special fan shape, resulting in a tassel with a unique individuality.
The massive feeling transformed into a modern balance creates a luxurious mood and adds dignity and strength to one's step.
The wooden patterns are based on German anatomy and ergonomics theory, and are selected from the statistics of hundreds of Japanese women, and then the wooden molds are modified by skilled Japanese wooden pattern artisans while making numerous corrections.
The upper material is made from glass leather as glass-finished kip leather, which is characterized by its fine surface texture and softness, producing a glossy surface texture.
The insole is made of rare and valuable horse leather. The use of horsehide leather makes them very comfortable for the foot.
The sole uses a deluxe sole that combines beauty and durability for longer wear.
The deluxe sole has a beautiful shine comparable to that of leather soles, and is carefully polished by craftsmen one pair at a time using the same finishing method as for leather soles.
The product comes with a spare lift for replacement.
  • Round toe
  • With tassel
  • Heel height 3.5cm
  • Spherical heel
  • Replacement spare lift available

Style ID:SW2208-BR

Made in Japan

Upper: Kip leather , Sole: Composition sole

<About Care>

Shoes are made of high quality natural leather.Therefore, due to the nature of leather, there may be delicate scratches, stains, scuffs, and wrinkles.We sell such natural wrinkles and scratches as good products; however, if you have any concerns about the item after purchase, please contact our customer support.


Size (EU) 36 37 38 39
Japan 22.5-23.0 23.5-24.0 24.5-25.0 25.5-26.0