• Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
  • Rosalie knit PO BRWH
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  • Rosalie knit PO YEBE

Rosalie knit PO BRWH

AS2439-BRWH sizeFREE

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Knit pullover with a modern balanced collar sublimated into a new detail.

The collar, which at first glance looks like a simple sailor collar, is continued directly to the back of the garment to complete the new balance of detailing.
This is one of the elements of this season's theme, "Proof of Oblivion," inspired by the "transformation of place" and "transformation of use" in the works of the artist Christian Boltanski, and was designed by transforming the details themselves from their original use.
The cut line of the décolleté, which beautifully accentuates the neck, and the sharp collar combine to create an air of sophistication and maturity.

The material used is cotton yarn with a natural texture, giving the impression of coolness and a moderately relaxed feel, and the color combination expressed in a modern knitting pattern and details like a double-breasted jacket give this piece an AKIRANAKA-like attention to detail and individuality.
The compact construction also allows it to be worn with wide pants, flared skirts, and other voluminous bottoms for a well-balanced look.

While being a knitwear for daily use, this season's context and solid individuality give it an attitude that takes it one step further.
  • Natural fit
  • Unlined

Style ID:AS2439-BRWH

Made in Japan

Wearing Model Heigt:176cm /Wearing Model Size:FREE


No transparency
-Thickness of fabric

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家庭での洗濯禁止 Do not wash at home
塩素系及び酸素系漂白剤の使用禁止 Do not use chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach
タンブル乾燥禁止 Do not tumble dry
底面温度110 ℃を限度としてスチームなしでアイロン仕上げができる Can be ironed without steam with a bottom temperature of up to 110°C
石油系溶剤による弱いドライクリーニングができる Can be dry cleaned gently with petroleum solvents (use a laundry net)
ウエットクリーニング禁止 Do not wet clean


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